Cellular imaging is currently experiencing an exponential growth in techniques for visualization of molecular mechanisms with very high spatial and temporal resolution in cells and living organisms. In recent years, the field has been marked by many technological revolutions, which now allows to question at the subcellular level processes essential to development of organisms or the emergence of multiple pathologies. Since then, the field has been in constant evolution with, each year, the introduction of new advanced technologies, which allow to study cellular and molecular, physiological and pathophysiological, at spatio-temporal resolutions never achieved before.
The first edition of the RISE Opening Meeting aims to present the latest advances and major challenges in the field of photonic imaging, in particular on the technologies developed on the various imaging centres of the University of Strasbourg. The objective is to bring together the local, cross-border and French community around the new imaging issues. The congress is open to all scientists, specialists or not, with an interest in developing imaging approaches to respond in an optimal way to their biological questions. this symposium will cover the technological and scientific challenges in the following topics : correlative microscopy, intravital microscopy, 3D imaging, super-resolution, real-time microscopy and image analysis and processing .
Also, this day aims to promote exchanges between biologists and imaging specialists, stimulate national and European collaborations and identify imaging issues for years to come.



Réseau d'Imagerie de Strasbourg et région Grand-Est (RISE) brings together 6 imaging platforms and 25 research units across 9 institutes (IGBMC, IBMC, INCI, LBP, CRBS, LNCA, IBMP, LBP and IRIMAS).

The ambition of the RISE network is to share needs, rationalize developments and requests, and share resources to provide structured access to all stakeholders in life sciences research of the universities of Strasbourg and Haute Alsace, in the long term, of the Région Grand-Est. RISE actors develop many complementary expertise and specializations in imaging, such as imaging intravital on small animals, super-resolution microscopy, 3D imaging of large samples, or correlative imaging.



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